Built in 2008-2010, STB add-on services for DVB settopboxes including TV-TODAY premium EPG over DVB-S, recording assistants, personal recommendations, remote recordings, advertising skip, Ultra-VPS (start playback with the first second of the event), cross platform implementation for the following platforms, released on approximately 60.000 devices to the market. Ported for chip-sets: CNXT-CX2425 (2008-2009, Smart MX44, Partner Globalsat ); Ali m3602 (2010, Smart CX04, Partners Ali/Skyworth ); Ali m3602 (2010, Skymaster DCHD 95, DXH 900, TF100, Partners Ali/Etek ).mx44_01 mx44_02 mx44_03 mx44_04 mx44_05 mx44_06 mx44_07 mx44_08 mx44_09 mx44_10 mx44_11 sky_1 sky_2 sky_3 sky_4