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Live website:

Website for an Italian company for ship management.


Improve site quality and optimize it for search engines on most desired words of the site owner.


  • beginning of project Google position: 37
  •      ending of project Google position: 2


Built in 2008-2010, STB add-on services for DVB settopboxes including TV-TODAY premium EPG over DVB-S, recording assistants, personal recommendations, remote recordings, advertising skip, Ultra-VPS (start playback with the first second of the event), cross platform implementation for the following platforms, released on approximately 60.000 devices to the market. Ported for chip-sets: CNXT-CX2425 (2008-2009, Smart MX44, Partner Globalsat ); Ali m3602 (2010, Smart CX04, Partners Ali/Skyworth ); Ali m3602 (2010, Skymaster DCHD 95, DXH 900, TF100, Partners Ali/Etek ).mx44_01 mx44_02 mx44_03 mx44_04 mx44_05 mx44_06 mx44_07 mx44_08 mx44_09 mx44_10 mx44_11 sky_1 sky_2 sky_3 sky_4

Logic Scheme Compiler

Logic Scheme Compiler

This is an aplication to learn programming. Logic schemes are used in the first year of programming in schools, but are done just on paper. Now you can verify them for errors, and also can execute the code so you see exactly what you do.